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As a certified Acquisition Professional, I’m am required to maintain a certain number of continuous learning points annually. With that said, I find myself sometimes sitting in classes that I teach through my own business. No matter what, I always have a great appreciation for how others facilitate/teach, and I make it a point to always learn something new from someone else. I recently took a class called “Build Networks- Maximizing Your Relationships”.  This class started talking about Emotional Intelligence, a topic I already teach. While the majority of the information wasn’t new to me, it was how the instructors engaged the students with plenty of thought provoking activity that led me to writing this blog.

When I first started my business, I thought that I would have people lining up to hire me. I was incorrect in my thinking to say the least. Just look at my resume. I have the experience, the certifications, credentials, etc. I have a huge network of people from coworkers, peers, customers, you name it. BUT, as I sat there in class I realized that most of that Network was based upon my “JOB”, and had nothing to do with me as a business woman.  Have any of you experienced this level of self-realization? Well it sure hit me like a ton of bricks.

Here are 5 tips to creating your own powerful network. These are tips I learned from the class that helped me expand my personal business network daily.

  • Make a list of the people in your existing network
  • Identify three professional relationships to add to your network
  • Learn how to start meaningful conversations
  • Attend Networking Events monthly
  • Know what you have to offer to a meaningful conversation and a networking relationship

To learn more about these powerful network mapping tips and what I specifically did to grow my business, please contact me, Prudence Howard at 844-448-4484 or email info@pivotalgrowthstrategies.com