Tips to Keeping Everyone Productive in a Diverse Work Environment

From Traditionalists to Millennials

As a leader in today’s corporate and government workplace, it’s imperative to understand not only your organization’s culture, but the personality and temperament of your staff. To be productive, you cannot leave anyone out, you have to keep each team member engaged and inspired to peak perform.

While working in the military and the federal government, I was able to be productive and still maintain a healthy balance with the emotional intelligence that came with such a diverse work group of people.

Here are just 3 Short Tips to Keep Your Team ENGAGED, INSPIRED and PRODUCTIVE.

  1. Focus on the Mission.

Make sure your organization/agency’s mission statement is posted in various areas of your workspace. Make sure each employee knows what it is, and how their daily operations support that mission. Send out congratulations emails to the team when they’ve reached a goal that supports the mission.

  1. Creative Rewards.

Not everyone wants money. Really? Say it’s not so. Yes, some team members like smaller tokens of appreciation over money. Remember cash rewards get taxed, and that affects people in different ways. Not every organization has a budget for company trinkets, but a written letter of appreciation from senior leadership can go a long way. It’s something that can be framed and placed on one’s desk. Maybe your organization has mugs, pens, or tote bags with the company logo that can be given out due to some type of achievement.

  1. Create a Morale Committee.

Get volunteers from your staff to participate. It can’t be only the “party planning” types. It has to be a diverse membership on the committee. That way, you’ll be able to have team building events that every age and personality can engage in and enjoy. Usually quarterly events are popular, and make sure plenty of pictures are taken to either pin to a common break area or even post in your organizational newsletter.

These tips may not seem “magical”, but they truly go a long way when you have a widely diverse organization.

If you are interested in learning more about your team members and their personalities, feel free to contact me today. I can do a True Colors Intl Personality Assessment to assist you in recognizing and encouraging potential in your team members.