Do You Know What’s Really Going on Within Your Organization? 

Doing This One Thing Will Change How You and Your Employees Communicate Forever

How many times have you wondered what your employees were really thinking? How many times have you given your employees surveys and still didn’t get the feedback that you were looking for? Well I have an idea for you that will not only open the lines of communication between you and your team, and it’s all ANONYMOUS.

When I arrived as the Director at one of my agencies, I had over 100 people wanting to talk to me, to tell me their story. Needless to say with that many people spread out across three states, time was of an essence. I had to get in, learn the agency, the customers, and my new team all within a short time period.

At the suggestion of a fellow Director, I contacted my IT department and had them set up an anonymous email account just for my eyes only. The key to this is my employees can send emails directly to me, without me ever knowing who sent it. Now keep in mind, some employees are passionate and/or frustrated and will completely disclose a situation where you may not know who is sending it, but you know what department/division, they’re in.

Most of what I received were requests for clarifying existing organizational policies. So since I couldn’t reply to that one person, I forwarded the email to all staff with my response to the question/concern. Believe me when I say it saved time and cut back on the rumor mill. Employees would now get a response straight from the Director. It also gave me the opportunity to find out what my employees had on their minds.

I’m sure that you’ve read somewhere that employees do not like surveys anymore because they feel their voice isn’t really heard. It’s true. Give them instant access to you and you will not believe all that you will find out, even with it being anonymous. Also, it allowed me to stop improper practices that managers were doing because the employees didn’t fear retaliation by telling me. I got told just about everything. The employees were always respectful and decent in their communication. I attest my Zero Percent EEO/grievance rate to this email box.

Just try it. Want to know more? Contact me at